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At Built In – we work on building true confidence through fitness. As the Wizard of Oz teaches that courage, feelings and intelligence are all ingrained, we aim to teach people that, mental & physical strength all come from within. Our four pillars focus on belief, self-esteem, motivation & fitness.

At Built In we aim to keep people away from an unhealthy addiction to fitness where people compare themselves to the other gym-goers.

Our ethos is based around teaching people how healthy self-esteem & confidence are the core training foundations….hence the name Total Training!

A personal development studio

Built In, is a personal development studio that uses multi-different exercises, activities, techniques to coach our clients to develop themselves at work, in group settings, in relationships and anyone who wants more satisfaction and well-being in their professional and personal life.

Our stories…..

Del:” After many years of working in the health & fitness industry, including power gyms & health clubs; it occurred to me that the reason why most people were not achieving their fitness goals, or feeling better about themselves mentally and emotionally was because there was some sort of training that was missing….

During my early years of being a boxer I endured gruelling training that broke me down mentally as well as physically and I believe this is what really developed my incredibly strong mind-set, therefore the mental elements of training come naturally to me. These skills are now ingrained in to my personality and I use them on a daily basis when approaching situations of adversity or new challenges.”

Abbie on the other hand has come from a very opposing background and has had to learn to build this strength later in life after understanding that simply training the body was not enough to give complete confidence. “The way I used to think about and react to a situation was very automatic; I would retaliate to a situation without thinking, and this would never lead to the positive outcome I wanted or expected to happen. Boxing training taught me how to bring out the best in myself in many walks of life.”

Why Choose Us?

We do not feel that every individual should encounter the intensity of training that Del did to gain inner strength, however we believe that the fundamental elements of the mental training in Boxing can be applied to an individuals’ training regime to bring out the best in themselves and therefore their training. Every single walk of life can benefit from this, including the old, young, overweight, underweight, athlete, unconditioned, as it is down to addressing the core of the driving force that everyone possesses, and that is motivation and understanding self.

These two very different backgrounds show, and have taught us that anyone can fulfil their maximum potential, as that strength is Built In.
BUILT IN was established following extensive research into the reasons why a lot of people do not get the best out of themselves throughout life. This is heavily observed in health and fitness, where people tend to focus only on the external factors that drive them to train, opposed to how they could get so much more from themselves if they focused a degree of that energy in to Mental Protein.

It has been observed that a high proportion of people who do excel in training use it as a “cover up”, creating superficial confidence, and never really get to embrace true self-esteem. There is a strong link between bullying and low-self-esteem, where exercise is used later in life to create a “strong shell”, however, underlying issues are very rarely dealt with or resolved.

Although exercise is a great tool used to empower ones-self, build strength and confidence; BUILT IN runs a very unconventional approach to training via group and one-to-one exercise, which is more than just counting reps and sets then commending you on your physical achievements.
BUILT IN aims to allow you to see, feel and understand that we are all special, and that is built in YOU!!!

Research shows that so many of the population suffer from anxiety, depression, obesity and many other debilitating conditions.
In current times Findings show that people generally only focus on external factors when aiming to build strength and enhance their physique; but as the age old saying goes “healthy mind, healthy body”.

This is why BUILT IN focuses on Personal Development, fitness and motivation to produce strong self-esteem, helping people to understand their driving forces.

Personal Training 50%
Classes 50%
Boxing 80%
Personal Development 100%

If you’re looking for a gym to get lost in, don’t come to Built In Studio…

To refer back to past experience of the broad spectrum of fitness facilities around, there seems to be a reoccurring theme in every establishment offering training equipment; and this is that their member numbers are the only real importance.

At Built In we are driven by our concern that every single individual that comes on board is valued. We want to see your development and achievements. This is why we have not made a “gym”, we have a tailor made studio with the fundamental equipment needed to help you to achieve your fitness goals, but most importantly, access to bettering yourself in every paradigm of life.

With a variety of classes & workshops to meet your needs, you will be training with like-minded people who will also help to motivate you whilst we direct you in how to get the results you want from your training. We do also offer one-to-one personal training if you require that extra attention, motivation or coaching.

Our classes are all systematically structured around Boxing training, this is not limited to simply hitting pads. The conditioning that a boxer needs are very diverse, which is why our classes will offer you aerobic & anaerobic workouts as well as the strength to manage your own body weight, sculpt & tone your physique and lose unnecessary body weight and excess fat; giving you all round fitness!

There are also exclusive ladies classes on our timetable where you can dance and have fun whilst getting the benefits of exercise.

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